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What's most important is to find out what the client wants.  This informs the photographs we use, and when possible, studies from life.  Preferably photos for reference are mine, but occasionally yours. From many possibilities, I narrow it down and present a small number of choices.

Begin at the Beginning

So exciting to start making images! These define composition, help me become acquainted with the likeness and can help us settle on a pose. At this time color thumbnail sketches may help determine color choices.

Black & White Studies

Finished  Portrait

The bulky nature of pastels dictates working relatively large, so the finished portrait usually takes about 2-3 weeks to complete.  Obviously graphite will take less time.

A Happy Ending

Wait, we're not done yet!  Pastel and graphite must be framed behind glass.  Though custom frames are an investment, so is your portrait, and I recommend them.  The frame can make or break a portrait, and I'm happy to consult on choice of frame.

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