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16 Become The Change

When I spent time in India, my life was simple. I had few possessions and entertainments and rode a bicycle for transportation. I loved it. Now, life is simplified again, and I remember that I can live with fewer choices. I spend my time more productively, including time for relaxing and connecting with people I love. After COVID-19 I would like to keep living a simpler, though equally colorful and layered life.

Materials you will need: Paper, markers, crayons, craypas, colored pencils, pastels, or collage materials.


It’s safe to say that life has changed for all of us. Our work, school and social lives are different. Saturday night clothes are collecting dust. A tank of gas lasts forever. Some of us are becoming ad hoc teachers, or trying yoga, or turning into expert jigsaw puzzlers. We’re closer, or more annoyed with family members. We’re bored, or finding time for new hobbies. We’re worried, or relaxed about sleeping late, showering less, eating more. Maybe that occasional run has turned into the highlight of every day. We feel restricted, closed in, or freed from the hustle and bustle. Or all of the above!


Think about specific changes in your life due to the COVID-19 era. Amidst the inconveniences, the isolation, the extra work or the boredom, decide on a change that is positive and that you would like to maintain even when the restrictions are lifted. Maybe make a list of changes, positive and negative. When you’ve identified what your positive change is, represent it visually. You might use one of the previous activities to express your idea – maybe drawing to music, or creating a mandala. If you want, write a bit about why you want to keep this change in your life. Perhaps the writing is included as part of the art piece.

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