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9 Draw A Little Prayer

Tibetan prayer flags are created to promote messages of peace, strength, wisdom and compassion. It is believed that if one hangs prayer flags outdoors, their messages will be carried by the wind to the surrounding countryside.

Let’s send our own prayers around the world in this very extreme time. How would you draw a prayer for peace, for health, wisdom and strength to survive these times? Using images, words, and/or symbols, create a flag that represents these themes. Leave 1-2” at the top to fold over a string for hanging. Use tape, glue or staples to secure your flag around the string. Attach streamers of ribbon if you want. Hang outside if weather permits, or alternatively in front of a window. Make as many as you want and string them together!

31a Flags .JPG
31a Flags .JPG

Materials you will need: Paper, cut in a rectangle or desired shape, pencil, markers, crayons, pastels, craypas, or colored pencils, string, ribbon if desired, glue, tape or stapler.

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