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5 Life-Sized Portraits


Materials you will need: Large piece of paper, pencil, markers, crayons, craypas, or colored pencils.


Who am I? Explore this existential question by creating a life-sized “portrait.” You will need a piece of paper large enough for the artist to lie down upon it. Rolls of newsprint or brown kraft paper work well, or substitute with the white side of wrapping paper, open paper bags or any other paper taped together. Have the artist lie down, and trace his or her outline on the paper.


Draw in features, clothing, hair – whatever you wish. Make it realistic or just decorative. Use words or symbols to describe yourself. What do your eyes like to see? Your mouth to taste? What music do your ears love to hear? Are your legs or arms happiest when playing a particular sport? You can use words and symbols inside your figure to show things you enjoy and ways you like to be treated, and outside your figure you might show ways you don’t like to be treated and things that you don’t enjoy very much. It’s up to you to describe artistically who you are!

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