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14 On The One Hand...

Either draw or trace each of your hands. On the one hand, either hand, represent groups in society of which you are a member and are important to you. These are not organizations or clubs, but things like your religion, your race(s), your ethnicity(ies), your gender, your sexual orientation, your stage of life – child, student, part of the workforce, your family roles – grandparent, parent, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousin. As a member of these groups, you will share these identities with many people in each group.


Materials you will need: 2 pieces of paper, pencil, any of the following: markers, colored pencils, oil pastels (cra-pas), crayons, collage materials and glue.


For Super Hero To The Rescue you focused on one interest or personality strength that is helping you through the COVID 19 era. But what about the rest of what it is that makes you who you are? Let’s find out!


On the other hand, there are those characteristics that make you uniquely the person you are. These might include your personality traits, your interests, your community involvements, your values. Are you creative, scientific, a reader? Do you love to write, play a sport, sing in a choir? Some people are leaders, others are more comfortable working in the background. Perhaps you are shy or outgoing, quiet or boisterous. Could you travel the world with nothing more than a backpack, or like to feel comfortable in your own snug home? Do you love animals? These are just a few thoughts, you will have many more since no one else knows you as well as you do!

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