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7 Look Ma, No Lines!

Materials you will need: Paper, crapas (oil pastel), pastel, crayons, an object or person to draw, and a mirror if you wish to draw yourself.


Let’s try outlawing lines. You will notice that pencils and colored

ManjulaDrwgSandal copy.jpg

pencils are NOT listed as a choice in the  materials list. That’s because the tendency is to use the point of the pencil, which creates lines. Most of us are accustomed to outlining an object first in order to get the basic shape. Instead, let’s leave all lines and outlines for another day. Use the side of an oil or soft pastel, or a crayon to draw your object or person by laying down colored areas of mass. Try using different

colors or values to differentiate one part of the object or person from other parts. Maybe you’d like to assign one color for areas hit by light, another for areas not in full light or shadow, and another for shadows. Be creative. Colors do not have to be realistic. You may not get the exact shape and proportions. It’s okay. The art police aren’t patrolling right now. Maybe the result will be even more interesting than reality!

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