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10 Inner Me, Outer Me Masks

Materials you will need: White paper plates or paper cut as you want, pencil, markers, crayons, craypas, or colored pencils, stapler, ribbon, yarn, elastic or string. Optional: any craft items for decoration such as strips of colored paper, beads, glitter, metallic paper, pipe cleaners, and glue or tape to attach them.


Have you ever smiled when really you felt sad? When people ask “How are you?” do you tell them the truth? Most of us don’t, we just say “Fine,” and walk on. But we’re not always fine, sometimes there’s something very different going on inside of us. We have one face that we show the world in general, one that will give the impression we think is most acceptable to other people. But sometimes, that’s a mask covering our feelings. If we told the truth, the mask might look quite different.


So in this time of big emotions, let’s make those masks! They can be simple or elaborate

and decorated however you want. One should represent the face you easily show the world, the outer you. The other will represent the inner you, which is most likely far more complex. Children might see this as happy and sad, which is fine; adults might find this to be a lovely way to focus on their real feelings in a trying time.

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