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15 Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Sketch without looking at the paper

Sketch with looking at the paper

Photo of subject

Materials you will need: Paper, pencil, any of the following: pencil, colored pencil, oil pastel (cra-pa), crayon.


The instructions for this activity are easy, but doing it can be really hard! Pick a subject to draw. It helps to choose something you’re familiar with. Take a minute or two to study it. Then draw it! Wait, no, one more detail. Do NOT look at the paper. Keep your eyes fixed on your subject. It helps to mimic what you did when drawing in one continuous line, rather than lifting you’re your pencil and plunking it down somewhere else on the paper. Or maybe move from one side of the paper to the other. You’ll find what works for you. But beware, it takes a lot of self control not to look at your drawing. If you do that, it doesn’t matter what your drawing looks like, you’ve done brilliantly!

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